10 facts about the sights of Mexico, most beautifaul places in Mexico

Mexico - a country with a long history and unique culture. Its territory is closely intertwined architecture of ancient civilizations and modern luxury resort complexes. The splendor and beauty of this country is simply mesmerizing. Especially for you we have made a selection of the most beautiful Mexican attractions.

10 facts about the sights of Mexico
The resort of Puerto Vallarta Mexico
1. The resort of Puerto Vallarta, located in the west of the country, will give travelers a fabulous vacation. Unspoiled beaches, modern hotels, cozy restaurants will not leave anyone indifferent.
Yucatan Peninsula Mexico, sights of Mexico
2. Yucatan Peninsula advised to visit travel agencies. The island is famous for its unspoiled beauty, unique finds of the ancient Maya culture and stunning in its beauty underground lakes. This place is special love from fans of diving.

southern coast of Mexico, city of-Oaxaca, sights of Mexico
3. Being on the southern coast of Mexico, be sure to visit the city of Oaxaca. It will amaze you with its architecture and ancient history. Around the city are growing picturesque dense forests with lots of waterfalls.

tropical rain forests, river canyons and ancient Mayan ruins, Mexico
4. These tropical rain forests, river canyons and ancient Mayan ruins can be seen in Chiapas. This is one of the most beautiful places in Mexico.

canyon Koper, the northern part of Mexico
5. Be sure to visit the canyon Koper, located in the northern part of the country. It will amaze you with its pristine beauty and untouched nature. Opened in front of you landscapes will make you forget about the busy city, with all its many problems and give you a piece of their mind.

Cave in Baja California, sights of Mexico
6. Cave in Baja California, located at sea level, will bring a lot of unforgettable emotions. Racing seawater systematically create a powerful geyser that erupts with a terrible, like nothing on earth, hum. Near the cave is always possible to find a lot of tourists waiting for the eruption.

City of Chichen-Itza, sights of Mexico
7. City of Chichen-Itza was founded by Mayan Indians in about the seventh century AD. Even in the ruined city as striking in its power and majesty. To explore all the city has to spend at least a day.

Horsteyl Falls, amazing sights in Mexico
8. Horsteyl Falls is famous for its photogenic. In its vicinity are great to have a rest all nature lovers.

small island of Isla Mujeres, Mexico, amazing sights
9. A small island of Isla Mujeres will impress fans of diving, or simply soak up the fans of pure warm sand under the warm sun.

Arch of Cabo San Lucas Mexico, amazing sights
10. Arch of Cabo San Lucas is the meeting point of two seas. This mega beach resort. On its shores perpetual holiday atmosphere.
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