Koenigssee Lake - the most cleanest lake in Germany

Lake Koenigssee (" Royal Lake "), one of the most beautiful natural sights in Germany, located in the southeast of Bavaria and belongs to the community Schoenau am Koenigssee. Most of the lake lies within the National Park Berchtesgaden. Emerald pond with crystal-clear water is nestled in the mighty mountains and surrounded by stunning alpine scenery. Due to the unique nature and the beautiful surroundings, the lake is very popular with travelers and tourists.

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Koenigssee was formed during the last ice age, as glaciers melt. It stretches from north to south for 7.2 miles, ending near the Austrian border, the maximum width of the lake is 1.2 km away. The height at which the water is as high as 602 meters above sea level, and the maximum depth - 190 m, making it the third in the ranking of the deepest lakes in Germany. In his fall Obersee lake water, which is located in the south-east.

Obersee lake flowing into the Koenigssee:

Koenigssee is famous for its clear water and has the status of the cleanest lakes in Germany. For this reason, since 1909, are allowed to move on it solely on the electromotive and rowing vehicles. The highest mountain in the area - Watzmann (2,713 m) - frames the eastern part of the lake and is the third highest mountain in Germany. It is shrouded in legends and legends, one of them tells us that in ancient times God as a punishment for cruelty turned Watzmann Bavarian king and his entire family in a huge mountain.

Mount Watzmann:

Nearby is the mountain Jenner, which overlooks the lake at an altitude of 1,874 meters using the cable car for 20 minutes to reach its peak, offering a truly breathtaking view of the Koenigssee.

Due to its location between steep cliffs lake Koenigssee has special acoustics - pure and multiple echoes. During a walk on the boat captain necessarily show passengers this marvelous natural phenomenon, playing the trumpet melody scanty.

Since the shore of the lake is very steep and densely forested, getting around on foot or drive around in transport is not possible, the closest parking is located a few meters from the shore. 

At located in the middle of the lake peninsula is a major tourist attraction and a popular place of pilgrimage - the church of St. Bartholomew. It was built in the XII century, but its modern form, in particular, the red dome-shaped bulbs purchased in the XV century.

Saint Bartholomew is the patron saint Koenigssee, so Bavarian Pearl has another name - the lake of St. Bartholomew. Not far from the church is the former hunting lodge of the Bavarian kings (XVIII c.), An ice chapel, a set which does not melt even in summer, a small hotel and a few fish restaurants. Here you can see people walking deer, which fed the monks.

The only island, located on the northern tip of the lake, known installed on it a statue of St. John of Nepomuk, protect this area from hazards associated with water. The height of the marble statue, erected in 1711, is 180 cm It stands on a hill in the northern part of the island, on top of the two-meter pedestal. There is an assumption here that earlier there was a statue of St. Bartholomew.
Northern Bay Lake is called "From the corner of Artists" - it offers an extraordinarily beautiful view, which is often imprint on his canvases painters.

Another popular attraction of this area - the tea house of Hitler ("Eagle's Nest") - located on the mountain Kelshtayn at an altitude of 1834 meters. It was built by Martin Bormann, especially for the 50th anniversary of political leader.

Wonderful natural lake Koenigssee Germans reverently preserve and closely monitoring its environmental situation. It is rich in rare flora and fauna, for example, there are blue edelweiss. The lake abounds in trout and char, which attracts a large number of professional fishermen.

In the summer period Koenigssee warm enough to swim and fish. In winter you are provided with all conditions for winter sports such as skiing, sled, snowboard, ice skating and curling. In addition, the mild climate of the region, clean mountain air and healing mineral waters local sources will be most beneficial effect on health and strengthen health.

In the vicinity of the lake has everything for a pleasant and comfortable stay: shops, restaurants, cafes, discos, golf clubs, squash courts and tennis courts, equestrian clubs. And in one of the local fish restaurants, which is about 300 years old, you can enjoy a very tasty trout, cooked according to ancient recipe.

You can get to Koenigssee from Munich and Salzburg. If we take as our starting point in Munich, then there will need to take the train, which takes up Freilassing, go from there by train to Berchtesgaden, and only from there by bus 841 links to Schoenau am Koenigssee. You can also take a taxi, which will cost about 10 euros. From Salzburg to Berchtesgaden train runs and rides a direct bus to the lake.

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