Unkay - a fabulous place above the clouds In Japan, Sea of clouds

This terrace is located in the Japanese resort of volumes, on the island of Hokkaido. It is situated high on a mountain top is almost always wrapped up clouds that float like the ocean bottom and offer tourists an unforgettable sight.

Unkay - a fabulous place above the clouds In Japan
The phenomenon Unkaya (Unkay translated from Japanese means "sea of ​​clouds") attracts tourists to the resort town of volumes for many years.

Natural hot springs in the area, and the difference in temperature for a few hours, when the night turns to day, determine the formation of a perfect white blanket of clouds over the mountain region, but the opportunity to see this unique effect from a height previously provided only slightly until the system was introduced gondolas.

In order to enjoy the view of tourists at the very early hour climb a mountain, go to the terrace Unkay and rise above the sea of ​​clouds, where they can admire the sunrise, take pictures of the mountain peaks Hidaka (Hidaka) and Tokachi (Tokachi), piercing the fog fluffy and have a cup of coffee or enjoy a bowl of soup.

Although the gondola ride is not cheap (about $ 20), the view from the terrace Unkay worth every penny.

The terrace is open to tourists during the summer months to the end of September, but even in this short period of sea of ​​clouds can be observed only about 40 percent of the time.

In the foggy days are beautiful place covered with dense fog, however, you can enjoy a stroll along the winding mountain slopes, and the owners of the gondolas necessarily give you a postcard with a view of what would be the view from the terrace Unkay if weather conditions were suitable.

But even on clear days you have to get up very early to see the sea of ​​clouds in all its glory.

Gondolas are beginning to transport visitors at 4 am to 8:30 am, so if you plan to look at clouds from a height, do not forget to have an alarm clock.

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