Tahrir square story, the most popular in the world

Tahrir square one of popular and great squares in the world, know the full story of Tahrir square in Egypt and see rare photographs of Tahrir square between the past and present.

Tahrir square Egypt is the most popular in the world
Tahrir square one of world's squares that gained great fame and popularity from 2011 to 2013 because it was the place for two revolutions, Tahrir square in Egypt included the greatest revolutions in recent period ( 25 January 2011 and 30 July 2013 ).

Tahrir square is the center of the capital so it is called the heart of Cairo, In terms of area is the largest square in the capital ( Cairo ).
Tahrir square have story starting from the days of the Khedive Ismail who was loved French city of light - Paris - He was always thinking in planning the streets of Cairo the same planning as the French capital and wanted to make the square like famous Hanzelzah Square.

Cairo have been established as stolons Khedive it designed to join all the streets in the large square, It is Ismailia square that named relative to the Khedive Ismail but after sevral years its name was changed to become Tahrir Square, these it the story of Tahrir square that the most popular in the world, now i show you all stages of Tahrir square in Egypt with rare photographs.

Tahrir square photographs in the past:

Tahrir square Egypt 1960

Tahrir square - Egypt 1975
Tahrir square - Egypt 1975
Tahrir square now, Egypt 2013
Thrir square become a symbol of harmony and affection and grew up many of friendships between protester through demonstration and protests in Tahrir square.
The strangely in this, there are many love stories started in Tahrir and finished by married, and there are some of Egyptian protesters insisted that celebration their wedding in Tahrir square with Tahrir protesters, below some images for Wedding in Tahrir Egypt.

Wedding in Tahrir square Egypt

Tahrir square wedding in Egypt
Tahrir square wedding in Egypt
Egyptian youths appeared in situations indicate the urbanization,Always they are insists that cleaning Tahrir square.

Egyptian protesters painting Tahrir levees
Egyptian youths cleaning Tahrir square during protests
There are many situations that indicate the Egyptians urbanization and harmony in Tahrir square such as the below photograph ( The Christians are protecting Muslim prayers ) It's amazing behavior.

Christians protecting Muslim prayers, Tahrir square Egypt
The funny thing is having kids with protesters in Tahrir Square

children in Tahrer square protests Egypt
This gives us the feeling of safety while presence in Tahrir Square.
In the below some of banners which holds by Egyptian youth and girls in Tahrir square

This is what makes tourists sympathize with youth and protesters in Tahrir square and participate with them

tourists in Tahrir protests in Egypt
Tahrir square become one of tourist places in Egypt tourism, there are a lot of tourists go to Tahrir square and rejoiced greatly.

the tourists visits Tahrir square in Egypt

Interestingly, There are several of public figures and heads of state who insisted that go to Egypt to visit Tahrir square such as ( Hillary Clinton and Dived Cameron ).

David Cameron in Tahrir square Egypt
Hillary Clinton visit Tahrir square in Egypt

Photographs of Tahrir square Egypt at night:

Tahrir square at night photograph

Celebrations in Tahrir square:

Celebrations in Tahrir square Egypt

This celebrations after the fall of Mubarak and Morsi in Tahrir square at night.
The Egyptians people say that Tahrir square is the fourth pyramid of Egyptian Pyramids because of what bestowed of the importance among Egyptians.

It worth mentioning that some of International authors wrote number of books about Tahrir square in Egypt, if you like to reed some of this books i suggest this book for you ( Journey to Tahrir ) it is one of the best books which talked about Tahrir square, Cairo, Egypt.
To the meeting in new topic about Amazing places around the world.
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