Amangiri resort, Amazing hotel in the desert - Pine Canyon, Utah, USA

Today i provide one of amazing hotels and amazing resorts in USA but this once it's amazing hotel in the desert, its name is Amangiri resort located in Pine Canyon Utah, USA, stunning photograph for Amangiri resort in the desert.

Amangiri resort, Amazing hotel in the desert - Pine Canyon, Utah, USA

Architectural studio «I-10 studio», and in particular architects Rick Joy, Marwan al-Sayed and Wendell Burnette designed hotel called « Amangiri resort », located in Pine Canyon (Utah, USA), on the border with Arizona.

The hotel, whose name translates as "the quiet mountain", perfectly blended into the desert landscape of the canyon - the buildings are located near the mesas and plateaus with dried up river beds once flooded rivers.

The building covers an area of ​​243 hectares: here you will find 34 luxury suites, a spacious lobby, several swimming pools, a spa area, a fitness center and a main hall with a library, art gallery, restaurant and private / public areas.

The neighborhood is rough rough rocks and red earth is very symbolic: the building as if nature itself carved out of stone and the surrounding landscape complements the song.

Used in construction and decoration materials, such as natural wood, leather, stone, water and concrete surprisingly accurately convey the unique shade of the surrounding landscape.

External stepped terraces like invite guests to merge with the environment, to become part of a huge and majestic desert.

The interior is light, beige, floors and countertops made of white marble profitable shaded leather-and-wood. From the windows of each apartment offers amazing views of the majestic mountains and plateaus.

outdoor pool
spa pool area
pool lights
outdoor terrace
spa area
massage parlor
the view from the room window
night lights
Amangiri resort, Amazing hotel in the desert - Pine Canyon, Utah, USA
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