The most interesting markets in the world, World Markets

Seven world markets of the most interesting markets in the world for shopping lovers and for those looking for pleasure in shopping, famous markets in the world

Hello my friends, In the Top Places section we provide the most famous, interesting and best places, buildings, wonders, architectures, cities and others of top places from around the world, but today i will add a new section, it's world markets.

Of course you can go shopping, not only the world markets, but also in a large shopping center. But it would be much more boring and not as interesting as in the first case. So we offer walk on the world's best markets and most famous markets in the world. Sure, perfect shopping here for sure you will remember for a long time!

7 Interesting markets in the world:

The most interesting markets in the world, World Markets

Khan El Khalili - the largest African market:

It ranked first interesting markets in the world, it is located in Cairo Egypt. How many years ago, tourists can look forward to the narrow streets and bustling shopping arcade full of various handmade goods. The best of Egyptian souvenirs can be purchased is here - papyrus scrolls, glass, wood and leather, essential oils and spices. While shopping will accompany you roar Arabic speech, religious tunes, strong aroma of spices, essential oils and roasted meat. By making a purchase, do not forget to bargain. The final price may differ significantly from the original. Market works until late at night, so enough time to communicate even the most recalcitrant merchant.

khan el khalili market, most interesting markets in the world