Marina Bay Sands - Wonder of the World in Singapore

Resort and hotel complex « Marina Bay Sands » Singapore ( city-state located on islands in the South-East Asia ). Three 55-storey building of this new wonder of the world is crowned by three-deck ship, which is called the "Sky Park", with an area of ​​12,400 sq.m. On the upper deck « Marina Bay Sands », at a height of two hundred meters, there is a huge 150-meter swimming pool, and even a waterfall - the largest swimming pool, located in the open. The complex also has bars, restaurants and even a museum of modern art. Looking at the hotel from a distance, it looks like a huge ship on the waves rise, while at an altitude of 200 meters.

Marina Bay Sands - Wonder of the World in Singapore
Inside the beautiful hotel complex located 5-star hotel on the chic 2,560 rooms, restaurants, exhibition halls, entire gallery of boutiques, a theater hall, SPA-center, as well as the world's most expensive casino with 500 gaming tables and 1,600 slot machines.

In addition, there is a water-filled canal, something like Venice, on which floating gondola, and the canal, and here and there crossed by pedestrian bridges. Near the complex « Marina Bay Sands » under the corrugated roofs constructed office buildings and traders.

Marina Bay Sands cost investors $ 8 billion. To celebrate the opening of a new wonder of the world in 2010, its buildings, skyscrapers have decided to hold the first World Cup on climbing on the facades of tall buildings.

Marina Bay Sands is one of the amazing architectures in the world, Marina Bay sands is Wonder of the world in Singapore, see many photographs of Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Singapore Marina Bay Sands hotel can be called the most unusual hotel in the world. Still under construction, it became clear that Marina Bay Sands will be the most expensive hotel in the world. The American company Las Vegas Sands, owner of a chain Casino in Las Vegas, has invested in the construction of its Singapore project 5.5 billion U.S. dollars (sometimes give the number of $ 8 billion, but this amount in Singapore dollars). In fact, this huge complex of Singapore (including a 2561-room hotel, the world's largest outdoor swimming pool, shops, 250 banquet and meeting rooms, 2,000 exhibition booths, a children's club, a fitness club, 2 theaters, an ice skating rink) built for the casino, through which the company Las Vegas Sands plans to pay back the construction of the hotel. Owners Marina Bay Sands expect earnings from the casino will be at least $ 1 billion a year and the cost of construction of this complex will be repaid in 5 years. Singapore has legalized gambling only in 2005, hoping for the casino to attract tourists. And the move paid off: after the construction in 2010, Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, the influx of tourists has increased by 24%. Casino Marina Bay Sands, an area of ​​15,000 square meters, on which there are more than 600 tables and 2,300 slot machines, daily visited by 25,000 people. Visit the casino - expensive: over the entrance to the casino to pay $ 100. Singaporeans make up a third of the visitors to the casino, so it is more appropriate not daily entrance fee and subscription for six months, which costs 2,000 dollars.

However, the casino is not in itself capable of attracting large numbers of tourists, so the creators of the Marina Bay Sands decided to hit all the amazing architectural concept: in the three 200-foot towers on 55 floors is a huge swimming pool, where the water flows away as if the horizon. In fact, water is poured over the edge of a watershed, located below, from which is pumped back. Apart from the pool, on the roof of the complex there are gardens. The creators of Marina Bay Sands as if brought back to life one of the seven ancient wonders of the world - the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

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