7 stunning abandoned castles in the world, photographs and History

In ruined the once majestic buildings has its charm. The facade is in decline, the huge halls are home to insects and dust, and elegant architecture is destroyed by time and weather. We offer you a selection of nine of the most spectacular crumbling mansions.

Stunning abandoned castles, where we wanted to get, I provide 7 of the most stunning abandoned castles in the world, this abandoned castles is amazing and i combined it from different countries for you.
I want to say that this is not the first time i write about Abandoned places around the world in order to i provided 36 Stunning abandoned places images, but these is the first topic about Abandoned Castles in the world , now i show you 7 of abandoned castles around the world photos and i let you read its informations.

1. Pidhorodetsky castle, Ukraine

abandoned castles, Pidhorodetsky castle Ukraine
This castle, built between 1635 m and 1640 m, was once richly furnished, but during the First World War, soldiers destroyed all the luxury interior. Shortly before that, the castle became the property of the Roman Sangushko pick out a couple of pieces of furniture and perevezshego them to Brazil in 1936, the year. After the Second World War, the Soviet Union used the castle as a tuberculosis sanatorium, but in 1956 a historic building caught fire and burned for three weeks. As a result, lost the beauty of the interior decoration. Lviv Art Gallery is trying to restore the building, but so far no significant improvement was observed.

2. Miranda Castle, Celle, Belgium

abandoned castles, Miranda Castle Celle Belgium
Miranda Castle was built in 1866 by an English architect for the family Ledekerke-Bofot. The family lived there until World War II until the house was seized by the National Railway Company of Belgium. It is vacant since 1991, the year in part because the owners refuse to give his municipality.

abandoned castles, Miranda Castle Celle Belgium

3. Halcyon Hall, Millbrook, New York, USA

abandoned castles, Halcyon Hall Millbrook, New York, USA
Halcyon Hall was originally built in 1890 as a luxury hotel, but in 1901 it was closed. However, the building was given a second life when a few years later moved there Bennett School for Girls, and the lock for a while now home to students from wealthy families. But with the promotion of co-educational schools are not able to develop in 1978, went bankrupt. Since then the house has been ignored.

4. Lillesdensky mansion, UK

abandoned castles, Lillesdensky mansion UK
The mansion was built between 1853 m and 1855 m the year banker named Edward Lloyd. After the First World War, the house was sold and became a public school for girls. It closed in 1999, the year, and since then, the building is not in use.

abandoned castles, Lillesdensky mansion UK

5. Bannerman Castle, New York, USA

abandoned castles, Bannerman Castle New York, USA
Scottish immigrant, Francis Bannerman, bought the island in 1900 and built a castle for the storage of ammunition, the backbone of its business. Two years after the death of Bannerman in 1918, the year, 200 tons of ammunition and gunpowder exploded, destroying a small part of the building. Then, in 1969, a fire burned down part of the roof and floor. Since 1950, the island is uninhabited, serving as its ferry sank during a storm. In 2009, the year the rest of the building collapsed.

6. Finca in Muromtsevo, Russia

abandoned castles, Finca in Muromtsevo Russia
Architect PS Fighters many castles built in the French style in the 19th century, but the manor in Muromtsevo is today considered the most memorable of them.

abandoned castles, Finca in Muromtsevo Russia

7. Prince's Palace of Said-Hasim, Cairo, Egypt

abandoned palace, Prince's Palace of Said-Hasim Cairo, Egypt
This residence was designed by Antonio Latsiasom in 1899. Later, it was transformed into one of the best schools for boys in the country, Al-Nasiriyah. Not used with the 2004.

abandoned palace, Prince's Palace of Said-Hasim Cairo, Egypt
abandoned palace, Prince's Palace of Said-Hasim Cairo, Egypt
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