The world's largest ice hotel in Sweden

Every winter artists from around the world gather in Jukkasjarvi in northern Sweden for the art project that became known as the Ice Hotel. This is the first and largest hotel in the world, built of snow and ice. Jukkasjarvi - is a small village in the north of Sweden, with a population of 900 inhabitants and about 1,000 dogs, It's one of amazing hotels around the world.

Every winter, about 50,000 visitors from all over the world come to see the Ice Hotel to experience the tranquility, the northern lights, and take part in all the activities offered in the desert 200 km from the Arctic Circle. Infrastructure covers 5,500 square meters and is built of 2,000 tons of ice from the Torne River, and 30,000 tons of "snaysa", a mixture of snow and ice, which strengthens the structure. Then you will see the highlights of this season's designs and creations from artists around the world.

The world's largest ice hotel in Sweden
 About 100 people participated in the construction of the Ice Hotel, half of whom are artists, specially invited for the development of specific areas of the hotel. 

In the photo: Luxury "Blue Water"
 Construction of the hotel is a year-round process. In March and April of 4000 tons of ice harvested from the Torne River and stored in the refrigerator during the summer. Construction takes place in November and December, and all the Ice Hotel is open from December to mid-April, when the structure begins to slowly melt away and return to the Torne River.

Suite "From the thoughts of absinthe" 
Suite "Cool and Crazy" 
Suite "Flower" 
Suite "Rain of memories" 
Ice bar
Ice bar 
Ice bar
Suite "Illuminate me" 
Suite "Residence Dragon" 
Suite "Eternity" 
Suite "Nest" 
ice bar
 Suite "Iceberg" 
Lyuks "White Water" 
Suite "The Virgin in Space"

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