36 Stunning abandoned places images - part 1

See many of stunning abandoned places images, it's amazing abandoned places from around the world,this abandoned places Impressed a lot of people also i think that it will excite Admire because it really of the amazing and impressive places.

Stunning abandoned places in china, drowned palace in china
Underwater City, Shicheng, China. Chinese National Geography Photography. swimming Merle Spurrier - University of Rochester city African mine ghost of a Madame Sherri Castle Ruins, New Hampshire Routes Abandoned, Lebanon, Missouri Stone Country House Abandoned, Ireland. Monastery Abandoned, Belgium. Stationery Factory Abandoned.Abandoned Coal Tower in Macon, Georgia. Abandoned Mill. Western Quebec. Abandoned Nuclear Plant Construction.Cemetery Cars in Chatillon, Belgium Jiancing Historic Trail in Taipingshan National Forest in Taiwan. Abandoned Amusement Park in Japan. Clock Tower Old Hut in a snowy field in Idaho. Abandoned Terminal in Nicosia Airport. Milan, New Orleans. Abandoned Church in Autumn. Locomotive Abandoned on a Train Cemetery in Bolivia. Abandoned Coal Mine. Abandoned Building. train Abandoned Abandoned Greenhouse. Castillo Ruins, Loc Ard, Scotland. Wooden Bridge Broken in Pittsburgh Abandoned Power Plant in Italy. Bowling Abandoned, Japan. Phosphate Plant Abandoned The Old Bar Retro in the Abandoned Hotel Pines. Red Sands Sea Forts. Bennett School for Girls. seats Palace Theater in Gary Indiana. The Christ of the Abyss in Italy Villaroya abandoned station of the Sierra Bunkers on the beach of Loken (Denmark). Pools abandoned in Rubí (Barcelona). Masia Ritz to barrels of Vallbona, Nou Barris An abandoned amusement park called "Spreepark" located on Treptow-Köpenick district of Berlin Berlin Spreepark The park was opened in 1969. Due to a sharp drop in the number of visitors, went bankrupt and closed in 2001. Since then remains abandoned People travel to Xico, one of the municipalities included in the Network Magic Towns of Mexico, attracted by one of the most beautiful natural landscapes of Veracruz: Texolo cascade. The entrance to the jungle left me speechless: a bridge built by the American Bridge Company of New York in 1908 is suspended over a precipice, and next to him another even more decrepit bridge. Completely destroyed, rather. Taken by the most brutal nature, which has recovered its space wherever he went the man once abandoned castle Sireuil There are marshes, but a drying river. In the 70s or early this century was not taken into account the water cycle, but it is a burden we carry from 2588 years ago actually may not be as spectacular as the ruins of Cambodia or Detroit, but at a Barcelona have Salvana Tower in Colonia Guell. It is unfortunate that in this state ...best preserved, the tower of the twelfth century, but the house (the nineteenth century facade, but the interior could be perfectly s.XVII) is falling apart at times.

Abandoned castle in Sireuil, stunning abandoned places
Bunkers on the beach of Loken, stunning abandoned places
abandoned-pools, stunning abandoned places
stunning abandoned place
stunning abandoned place
stunning abandoned place
amazing abandoned place, stunning abandoned places
abandoned bar, stunning abandoned places
abandoned bowling, stunning abandoned places
abandoned bridge, stunning abandoned places
abandoned building, stunning abandoned places
abandoned castle, stunning abandoned places
abandoned church, stunning abandoned places
abandoned church, stunning abandoned places
coal place,stunning abandoned places
Due to the great number of Stunning abandoned places images i divided this album to two parts and you can see the second part through this link Stunning abandoned places part 2.
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