The most interesting markets in the world, World Markets

Seven world markets of the most interesting markets in the world for shopping lovers and for those looking for pleasure in shopping, famous markets in the world

Hello my friends, In the Top Places section we provide the most famous, interesting and best places, buildings, wonders, architectures, cities and others of top places from around the world, but today i will add a new section, it's world markets.

Of course you can go shopping, not only the world markets, but also in a large shopping center. But it would be much more boring and not as interesting as in the first case. So we offer walk on the world's best markets and most famous markets in the world. Sure, perfect shopping here for sure you will remember for a long time!

7 Interesting markets in the world:

The most interesting markets in the world, World Markets

Khan El Khalili - the largest African market:

It ranked first interesting markets in the world, it is located in Cairo Egypt. How many years ago, tourists can look forward to the narrow streets and bustling shopping arcade full of various handmade goods. The best of Egyptian souvenirs can be purchased is here - papyrus scrolls, glass, wood and leather, essential oils and spices. While shopping will accompany you roar Arabic speech, religious tunes, strong aroma of spices, essential oils and roasted meat. By making a purchase, do not forget to bargain. The final price may differ significantly from the original. Market works until late at night, so enough time to communicate even the most recalcitrant merchant.

khan el khalili market, most interesting markets in the world

Portobello Market in London:

Impregnated special energy, it is one of the best markets in the world, Here you can buy antiques and exquisite things in vintage style. In addition to see performances of street artists, chat with local merchants - rastamanov and sit in the small and cozy pubs.

Portobello Market in London, interesting world markets

Parisian Market « Marche aux Puces »:

It's one of interesting markets around the world, it was formed from the merger of twelve smaller markets. Its name translates as "flea market." Daily work here more than three thousand merchants offering their goods - used furniture, household utensils, paintings, shoes and clothes. Pricing often depends on how well the buyer is fluent in French.

Parisian Market Marche aux Puces, interesting markets

Sunday market in Madrid, El Rastro:

A place where you can buy stylish gizmos - replicas of famous brands. Therefore, if the finances are not very good, but I want to look not only good, but also expensive, then you here. But looking at the items, do not forget to watch and your wallet.

Sunday market in Madrid, El Rastro, interesting markets in the world

Every Saturday in Arpora (Goa):

Opens the night open-air market. Here you can buy a variety of goods of Indian craftsmen, mingle with the local hippies, artists, yogis and listen to ethnic music in a live performance.

Every Saturday in Arpora Goa, interesting markets

Grand Bazaar in Istanbul:

About three hundred years. It has already become a local landmark and bears the title of the largest covered market in the world. Randomly distributed on its streets is more than three thousand shops where you can find many of the most incredible products. The local kids here its quite lucrative " business " - for a fee, they take stray tourists out of the maze of stalls back to the streets of Istanbul.

Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, interesting markets in the world

Chatuchak market in Bangkok:

Another famous market -  Here you can buy the best souvenirs and local products at very affordable prices. This place is often called " shopaholics paradise." To bypass it completely it will need not less than three hours.

Chatuchak market in Bangkok, interesting markets in the world
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